Monday, April 23, 2012

Here's a drawing I did in Life Drawing II that I was pretty happy with. It's ink and charcoal. 18x24. Steve the Model.

The other part of the assignment was also you could design a character from the Dr. Suess world. I did one as well, here's Mr. Fox. maybe one day I'll give him a fancy name. But I have his design in both Mario world style and Dr. Suess style. He's fun. (Respective rights to Mario and Suess)
This is an assigment from Illustration IV that had us create a character for either the Super Mario Bros. world and then put them in a setting from that world with a character also from that world. So I based my Princess (Kiwi) off of Super Mario Bros. 3, with the theatrical theme to the game, and put her with Luigi.
(All respective rights to the Mario peoples)

I like Kiwi, it turns out she looks just like my roommate, and I laughed. :P

Always On The Run

Sherlock/Watson's image belongs to BBC, Moffat/Gatiss etc.
A doodle that I whipped up a bit ago. I was originally gonna draw two people that I recently met at Anime Boston who were dressed up like this. Evan as Sherlock and Jess as Watson, but I didn't capture them very well. But hey it's a first try!! :)

TIME magazine cover 2

TIME format and stuff belong to TIME people and crap.
Watercolor, ink and digital.
This was my other cover, I chose the creators of, Alexis and Steve. :D

TIME magazine cover 1

The Doctor and Tardis belong to the BBC and Doctor Who universe.
TIME format belongs to TIME people and stuff.
Drawing and image bu me, watercolor, ink and digital
Assignment for Illustration IV, we had to make a Time-Person of the Year cover. This was one of mine.

Tori the Tardis

Tardis belongs to the BBC and Doctor Who universe.
Tori is this neat girl I met an Anime Boston and I thought she was super cute and had an adorable Tardis dress, so I wanted to draw her. :D

Watercolor, ink and digital.