Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Harley Quinn piece for Digital Illustration, using Adobe Illustrator.
Still working on it, but I'm very happy with what it looks like right now.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sassy Girl and OneLiner Woman
Albrecht Durer pastiche

"There is always hope."
Night, 75% WHITE
Daytime, 76% BLACK

Oh My


Needs Lips.

"A Different Set of Jaws"


Still Needs Text on the TARDIS.

"A Madman and his Box."
Page one to a steampunk circus comic that will never be finished..... :I
Monarch Butterflies are my favorite.
A grid like self portrait
What it feels like.
The sun and moon were once lovers.
"And the color was torn from his eyes."
I Want I Want I Want

It's True

Lil'red and her big bad shadows.
And old piece that I redid. Inspired by the CRTLALTDEL comic.
Me as 4, danny as 3, elio as 1 and braxton as 2
For some reason this is sideways..... Which it isn't on my computer. But okay...
Wizard of Oz inspired.

Entangled up in Feelings.

Ink and Watercolor.
Tiny sculpture I attempted. My broken moon Necklace :( with some gold flakes around it (from goldschlager lol) and some tinfoil.

The Moon in My Sky.

(c) HarleyBean

First Post!

Well, I finally created an art blog. Time to start posting my stuffs so people can see them.
Please enjoy. :D